The next generation in Risk Management

At S23k, we recognize that a crisis can strike anytime, whether it’s a cyberattack, natural disaster or pandemic. Business Continuity Management prepares your organization for the unexpected, ensuring a swift and effective response.

The Essentiality of Business Continuity Management

In a world of unpredictability, Business Continuity Management (BCM) isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. At S23k, we recognize that a crisis can strike anytime, whether it’s a cyberattack, natural disaster, or pandemic. BCM prepares your organization for the unexpected, ensuring a swift and effective response.

Consider aviation, military operations, or elite athletes. Pilots endlessly train for emergency landings, soldiers are conditioned for extreme scenarios, and athletes prepare for unforeseen twists in their events. They don’t hope for these situations to occur, but they must be ready if they do.

A playbook is the backbone of BCM. Just as a pilot knows emergency procedures and a soldier has contingency plans, organizations must know precisely what to do in a crisis. Without a well-constructed playbook, even minor disruptions can have catastrophic consequences.

A robust BCM plan ensures your organization is resilient, prepared to continue despite challenges. At S23k, we not only help you identify risks but also train your team for effective responses. Together, we build a crisis-proof organization, ensuring you are ready for whatever comes your way.

For more information on how S23k can assist your company in implementing Business Continuity Management do contact us.

Risk Management is a crucial proces with regards to the continuity of your company. It prepares you for possible disasters like fire, power failures, cyberattacks and more predictable events. However, Risk Management misses an important element. 

What if an unexpected, not foreseen event occurs?

It can happen to any organization, small or large. The VW group, Facebook, Nokia, Shell are all companies that have experienced massive incidents due to unexpected events. But smaller companies can also go bankrupt due to an event that no one could have predicted, such as Corona or the banking crisis.

S23k helps companies to predict foreseeable events with Next Generation Risk Management. But above all, they teach the organization how to respond to unforeseen events. In a very simple way.

Business Resilience is the missing part in Risk Management.
Crucial to be successfull again after something bad happens

Business must go on but when an unexpected calamity occurs, you want to be able to quickly respond and take all the right measures.

In other words: you want your organization to be resilient and competitive. But how do you get there?

S23k Business Resilience Management, part of the next generation Risk Management, prepares for both known and unknown risks and how to deal with them and change the way your people look at current processes and procedures.

...S23k's Business Resilience Management prepares for known- and unknown risks and how to deal with them...

Together with S23k you can build a resilient and strong company. An organization that can survive any crisis.

Where risk management focuses only on “known business” risks and the likelihood of them occurring, Business Resilience Management prepares for both known and unknown risks and how to deal with them and change the way your people look at current processes and procedures.

The S23k approach is based on the course of action by athletes, military and aviators. They are prepared to operate under extreme conditions. We will make your organisation crisis proof.

If you want to be prepared for an unknown crisis that endangers the continuity of your organization, Please contact us: we can advise you on how to deal with this challenge and prepare you, educate and train you and your employees on how to act, physically assist your organization during such a crisis and all this with an accessibility of 24 * 7

More on S23k Business Resilience Management

About your organization

Your organization is facing various risks of different kinds.
Unless your managers effectively manage business risks, an organization faces an uncertain future which could devastate the organizational goals altogether.

Organizations that are adept in risk management and in building robust operations rise to be industry champions while those not become weaker players or even slide into demise. Hence, managing a business means managing its business risks.

S23k prepares your organization with a solid foundation to enhance the operational resilience. It provides understanding on how organizational risks to be part of the business model DNA, or operational and strategic risks.

The costs of unmanaged risks could create havoc on organizational goals, human safety, reputations hurting the organization or leaving it in a chronic state of tame performance.

S23k provides insights into various aspects of business resilience solutions. S23k Business Resilience Management is part of the next generation Risk Management. It offers opportunities, different perspectives, but above all insight.

How can we help?

The S23k team: Seasoned Professionals

The specialists at S23k are experienced crisis managers and have a history as an aviators, athlete, military or medical background. People who have discipline in their DNA and have an enormous drive to achieve their goals, but who also excel in a team. People who know how crucial a well-functioning team is and know when to adapt to the ever-changing situation. We hire attitude and train skills.

S23k Business Resilient Management Training

S23k has developed a 3 day - training program that demonstrates that someone has taken a course, but has also show to be able to perform under pressure and is able to act as a crisis manager.

Business Resilient Consulting

We can implement Business Resilience Management as a consultancy assignment, but we can also train your colleagues on the job.
Or we can help you to upgrade your Risk Management processes with the crucial Business Resilience Management. Wij train your staff how to react in a crisis situation.

S23k Business Resilience Management Support & coaching

In addition, S23k offers the opportunity to take out a subscription so that we can coach your Business Resilience Managers and you are also assured that when things really go wrong and you are at hand, our specialists (Team Purple) are available.

S23k Business Resilience Management

Preparing for a crisis that will hopefully never happen. That is what Next Generation Risk Management is al about. Expensive? It certainly won’t be cheap, but the alternative…you can’t afford.

Was your organization prepared for the Corona crisis? Was that possible at all? We think you could…we think you should.

Cyber threats, viruses, theft of Intellectual Property or just bad luck … it happens to the best, the biggest…smallest…smartest.

Business Resilience from S23k helps you do just that. As experts in the field of crisis management, we have conducted extensive research into the working methods during a crisis and examined the working methods of professional groups who are trained to act under extreme pressure. Think of pilots, military and medical personnel. These specialists are trained to make life and death decisions.

Is that really much different for you?

In short, it is characteristic of their behavior that they are prepared for every conceivable scenario. A pilot will not wait until he has to make an emergency landing. He trains his entire life on the exceptional occasion that the opportunity arises. At that time, the pilot knows almost without thinking who should do what and especially when. In doing so, he frees up a large part of the brain’s capacity to solve abnormal problems. a crisis never stands alone.

S23k can realize such trajectories for you in a consultancy assignment, but also offers training courses, combined with coaching trajectories, to train your people (we don’t educate, we train skills) and to make your company Business Resilient.