About S23k

Our mission

Helping companies and/or organizations (support) to be and to remain resilient against a variety of threats. S23k introduces Business Resilience as a crucial part of Next Generation Risk Management.

Our Vision

Information provisioning is becoming increasingly important. Knowledge and resources must be secured. Preparation against threats is crucial. Sufficient knowledge must be available for this and support must be provided. We would like to make our knowledge and experience available to be armed with you against calamities.


Setting up counter measures
Training – education
Support (Project and Crisis Management)
Availability 24 * 7

The origin

S23k founder Jean-Paul SablerolleThe founder of S23k is Jean-Paul Sablerolle, a senior and very experienced risk- andyears of supporting organisations in managing crisises he became more an more interested in preventing crisises and so developed Business Resilience Management as part of Next Generation Risk Management.

With ordinary Risk Management you can prepare organizations for known risks, but how about unknown events? How about surviving a pandemic for example? Thats where Business Resilience starts.

The combination of Jean-Pauls military background,  experience in managing crisises and being a pilot led him to develop Business Resilience Mangement.

Most asked question

We receive a lot of questions…but one stands out; “what does S23k mean?”

We asked Jean-Paul, the creator of the Business Resilience Management model. “S23k means nothing. It was a purpose build bunker on a container terminal I’ve worked for many years. It was the designation of that building. No windows, just a lot of servers and a very big airco”. I wanted a name that was short and did not have a lot of pages on google. To me, the name is not that important. I want people te know we have a unique skillset and we love to use that to help people and organizations with.

What can S23k do for you?

S23k prepares your organization with a solid foundation to enhance the operational resilience. It provides understanding on how organizational risks to be part of the business model DNA, or operational and strategic risks.

The mission of S23k is to make organizations more resilient. No matter what happens.
Resilience is about how you and your crew respond.

The costs of unmanaged risks could create havoc on organizational goals, human safety, reputations hurting the organization or leaving it in a chronic state of disperformance. S23k provides insights into various aspects of business resilience solutions.

About Jean-paul Sablerolle

Jean-Paul worked the past 22 years as an International Transition and Crisis Manager for AtosOrigin, Getronics and KPN.

Read more about how resilience thinking was born in his blog Beyond Risk Management

In his spare time he flies for the Hoogvliegers airsmiles foundation chronically and terminally ill children.

The s23k crew consists of former soldiers, pilots, medical staff and athletes. But we are always looking for passionate specialists. 
We hire attitude and train skills.