Resilience Management
Skills Training

The need for skills training.

You do not train just because it is fun.

Training is necessary to get the daily battle with the competition to your advantage as often as possible. In addition, it is always good to sharpen existing skills and learn new insights, combined with new skills. S23k has developed a 2 and a 3 day – Skills Training Program which demonstrates someone has followed this course, but has also shown the ability to perform under pressure and act as a crisis manager.

Learning is a continuous process in which each individual is challenged to improve the development of each link in his existing knowledge and skills. Whether that is qualitative or quantitative, that depends on the individual objectives

The training consists of the following elements:

1. Business Model DNA: longevity of operations

  • Risk Universe: levels of risk, operational & strategic, internal & external
  • Real cost of risks to the organisation, immediate and recurring
  • Four Pillars of business resilience

2. Case studies of business resilience management

  • Reviews of good and poor business resilience (real cases)

3. Balancing Corporate Performance with Risk Management

  • Corporate Culture impact on business resilience: good, bad and ugly
  • Result versus Safety Issues Business Planning Framework
  • Organisational Strength
  • Human Competency is almost everything
  • Attitude is key

4. Building for Robust Organizations

  • Business Resilience Model
  • Segments of Resilience
  • Implementing Resilience Framework

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