"..Until JP got involved the project it was managed extremely poor.."
I worked with Jean-Paul in 2014 to do the implementation AV in the Dutch courtrooms. During the first period it was very difficult to handle with 3 involved company’s with their own DNA. Until Jean-Paul got involved, every company did their own thing without any commitment to each other.

In a view weeks Jean-Paul was capable of changing the whole situation and make a real team of it, for the first time I had the impression that a program manager handled our account with a lot of spirit, true ambition and to go for the total success. His approach was highly unconventional but extremely successful. Nice when a plan comes together by a military operation. All because the experience of Jean-Paul.
Without your leadership open mind, transparency and clear communication this project would have become an disaster for all 3 companies. I will recommend Jean- Paul without the slightest hesitation. I would hire him immediately. And with his knowledge and expertise in crisis management he is now starting to train organizations in Business Resilience Management. Are you next?with
Stephan Worst
Sr, Account Executive AVEX
"..flexible enough to adapt to changing customer demands.."
Working with Jean-Paul on a couple of international projects has been a pleasure. Being tough and focused, but always committed for results and flexible enough to adapt to changing customer demands if required, JP and his team have clearly outperformed.
Kurt Bylang
General Manager Comparex Solutions (Schweiz) AG
"..It is good to have some one like JP around you to get things fixed.."
Jean Paul has done various implementation projects in a hostile and turbulent environment. In a 24 hours operation, on a highly robotized containerterminal, the ICT infrastructure is mission critical. Changes, upgrades, and new versions needs carefull be managed, but whatever plan you make, seems always to fail before the final moment. It is good to have some one like JP around you to get things fixed. During his period at ECT he has worked in various settings, but the most memorable ones are related to memorable problems which in the end always were solved with memorable solutions by JP.
Senior Project Manager at Port of Rotterdam