Think of a list of companies you think are most likely to be hacked. Is your organzation on it?

If your think your organization is not on that list you are wrong! Nowadays, every organzation is at risk. Cyberattacks, ransomware, corona virus or other catastrophes can ruin your business. So you definitely need to become more resilient!

We will train your Crisis Management Team (CMT) for known and unknown eventualities and make them better. Our Next Generation Risk Management is now available. The crucial element is Business Resilience Management and by looking at it on @Google, we have hit a sweet spot. And it will prepare you for the next crisis… or even better. Avoid one all together.

With Risk Management people think of doomsday scenarios. Fire, Ransomware, Disasters, Corona, etc. Terrifying thoughts. 

But in fact preparing for a crisis can be quit fun actually. We train people in learning how to switch modes, management styles, equivallent of the military with a civillian task and having to change to a war driven role. And in the process you’ll learn a lot about your own organization and it might change the view on your day-to-day business.

Training for a crisis will give a new dimension to your team, increase togetherness and teach team members to trust each other, their assigned roles, the control and decision-making proces.

Managing a crisis doesn’t have to be scary situation, as long as you and your team know what to do. No adrenaline, but fact based decisions.

Companies like Cocacola Now, Allianz, ING, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, etc. have dedicated Business Resilience Managers constantly working on different scenario’s to increase the operational Resilience. Shoudn’t you?

Start by realizing a crisis is an oppertunity and the Next Generation in Riskmanagement is here and made available by pilots, athletes, military, etc.

Want to learn more? We will train your CMT and make them better. Enter here S23k

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