Business Resilience is preparing for a crisis but;

When do you want to find out your business continuity plan doesn’t work?

[A] During an exercise?

[B] When the lights go out?

Tell me, did you prepare for the current Corona crisis? Did you? Why not?
At S23k we help clients to get the business continuity in order, to test it and to train colleagues … and train … and train. Business Resilience is preparing for a crisis that hopefully never comes.

We investigated what athletes, doctors, soldiers, police, fire brigade, pilots, etc. have in common. We have incorporated this into what we call Business Resilience. It is not a question of if but when a crisis will arise.

Pilots do nothing but train for even the most unlikely emergency situations. Everything is trained down to the smallest detail. Military and medical staff train to operate under extreme pressure. All actions are trained to perfection.

Success is no accident, it is a matter of years of investment so that when it comes down to it, brain capacity is available to manage abnormalities.


When the crisis is severe, the brain works at maximum capacity… or even more and at that moment there is no more room for even more misery. And a crisis never stands alone. Be prepared, don’t be surprised. And don’t forget to exercise. Business Plans without regular exercises have no value.

When was the last time you restored the backup? How long did that take? Was the backup readily available? Is the documentation in order? Can someone other than the administrator run the restore?

You manage a crisis when you are ready before the situation actually occurs. Not when the company is already on fire. Have you ever held a fire drill simulating an entire building is lost? With a ransomware attack One can only hope that the encryption code can be found, otherwise your only option is to pay. And then, hopefully, the hacker does not want even more money. But there is no guarantee that they will release your data.

Make no mistake. Don’t think of a hacker as an evil (ex) soldier behind a large network of complex systems operating from a dark basement. Rather think of a student who is snooping around on a laptop from his or her attic room and most of the times find a backdoor by accident. And when the first hack is a fact and no one has discovered it, the captured data can be quickly sold on the DarkWeb. And then the misery begins. There are real criminals behind this and they are not afraid of violence to have more data hacked. Usefulness and necessity. Suddenly some spielerei has become a business model with a financial motive.

But when an intelligence service has targeted you and / or your organization, there is little you can do about it. China literally has a complete army that is only hacking. That is what they do. The Israëli’s have Unit 8200. They are US trained. As a thank you, Israel has overheard US negotiations with Iran.

Resilience is not futile.

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