Do you practice different scenarios on a regular basis?

Updated my pilot log today. It contains all my flights. That book is sacred to me but worth nothing to anyone else. It contains all destinations, all frustrations, all good … and all bad landings, all flights with instructors, loved ones, friends and family. The essence of being a good pilot is training, learn, improve, train and train again. You should do too when you want to improve Business Resilience.

I cherish every flight. I cherish every landing … hard, or silky soft. Knowing that each landing is an exercise to do the next landing better. Exercises … and practice again. Leave nothing to chance. Just in case the circumstances are so troublesome that I need all that experience … and then I know it’s all been worth it. More than 1000 take-offs and landings in 10 years.

Training for that one situation that will hopefully never comes. That is #Resilience, and that is what we call stacking landings.

Are you prepared to learn from your mistakes?

in aviation we are used to talking about our mistakes. It is part of a culture. The alternative is a lot worse. That is why we also train, that is why we regularly fly with an instructor to see if bad habits have crept into our working method. Self-reflection is crucial in this. When a pilot shares his experiences, positive and certainly negative, the idea is that you can help someone else with that. No accusations or accusations, but an objective evaluation of what could have been done differently.

Be glad you have the opportunity to make mistakes, but in order to allow your people to make them in a safe manner, you need to exercise. Make sure you get there at all. When a crisis arises, you no longer have time and each and every step is crucial.

When you have to put together a team and find out what is going on, you are too late … much too late. Your team, your way of working must be trained and ready to go.

Do you judge people on their performance? Or do you give people the space to learn? Improve themself? Do you dare to give people space?

Learn from your mistakes. Come up with a solution for every conceivable situation. Then test it in a simulation/exercise and train your people. Review, discuss the outcome adjust the model and train again.

That’s the way you improve your Business Resilience.

What are you waiting for? Can you actually afford to wait?

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