Even Microsoft?

Microsoft warns against PonyFinal Ransomware because of a vulnerability in its Windows 10 operating system. Cyber security is a constant point of attention. If you have solved one, then the next vulnerability will arise. Business Resilience Management ensures that where the threat comes from there is a working plan that can be rolled out when the inevitable has happened. Business Resilience Management prepares for known and unkown risks.

Do you just believe all reports that describe everything is in order?

When was the last time you tested whether your backup can be restored? What data do you no longer need in the event of a ransomware attack?

– How far back does your last backup go?
– When is the last restore test?
[The Stuxnet virus was dormant for 2 months before it became active]

– What size is your backup?

– Restore time?
– Do you have a priority list of applications linked to the business processes?
– Is your data / servers segmented sufficiently?

-Do you know how long you can continue without?

Are your users aware of the dangers of phishing emails? More than 64% of all hack attacks are facilitated from within.

A company affected by Ransomware and unwilling to pay has been recovering from this for over a year. can you afford that?
But suppose … you want to pay … who says the hacker will release your data and not ask for more money?

Who wants to hack me?

Oh … (I hear you say) … who wants to hack me? Exactly … ransomware is a business in itself. Apart from data and intellectual property that has been captured …

And oh yes … do you mind that your organization has to report this officially? and you need to inform your customers and relations? The damage image is significant, but it can also get your relationships into trouble. It has already hit the biggest, smartest companies. It is war, only now not with grenades and tanks but with zeros and ones … The cyber war is a reality.

Business #Resilience exercises make the consequences visible. It is a matter of practice to discover, improve and optimize the weak spots in your organization. It also provides other insights.

“If you do what you did, you get what you got”. (Albert Einstein)


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