S23k Proficiency Check

S23k prepares your organization with a solid foundation to enhance the operational resilience. It provides understanding on how organizational risks to be part of the business model DNA, or operational and strategic risks. The costs of unmanaged risks could create havoc on organizational goals, human safety, reputations hurting the organization or leaving it in a chronic state of disperformance. S23k provides insights into various aspects of business resilience solutions.

S23k Proficiency Checks

We don’t educate, we train for skills.

S23k offers 3 unique modules to “hope for the best and prepare for the worst”:

S23k Proficiency Check

What is a proficiencycheck and why do I need to have one?

S23k Proficiency check

A proficiency check is an assessment of your skills and knowledge in a particular operational area. Pilots are required to undertake proficiency checks to ensure they continue to be competent conducting particular kinds of operations.

After gaining a qualification, it is normal for some skills to deteriorate over time. A proficiency check ensures your employee’s skills continue to meet the standards.

The essence is that is we want to recognize disruptive work processes and working methods. Searching for the ratio and by exploring alternatives we might just find a way to improve your daily way of working. It would not be the first time.

Don’t loose your license!

S23k Checklist Resilience managementPilots are among the very few professionals who have to do regular training and maintain their proficiency. Each is required to periodically hone essential skills and keep a pilot’s licence valid.

To not lose a right to operate an aircraft, and further comply with regulations, book a slot for a Proficiency Check (LPC).

Also, considering the tense situation that many pilots find themselves in, we are coming with a timely offer for additional exercises.