S23k Services.
To help you to become resilient.

Your organization is facing various risks of different kinds. Unless your managers effectively manage business risks, an organization faces an uncertain future which could devastate the organizational goals altogether. S23k offers to train your Business Resilience Managers. Trained by the best in the business.

Organizations that are adept in risk management and in building robust operations rise to be industry champions while those not become weaker players or even slide into demise. Hence, managing a business means managing its business risks.

S23k prepares your organization with a solid foundation to enhance the operational resilience. It provides understanding on how organizational risks to be part of the business model DNA, or operational and strategic risks. The costs of unmanaged risks could create havoc on organizational goals, human safety, reputations hurting the organization or leaving it in a chronic state of disperformance. S23k provides insights into various aspects of business resilience solutions.

S23k Checklist Resilience management

Business Resilience
- Proficiency check

Plan, Test, Train & Exersice. The adage of S23k is Plan, Test, Train and practice the Business Resilience scenarios but most important of all ... Learn! Dare to make mistakes as long as you learn from those mistakes.
I prefer things to go wrong during excersises than when things are tense. Prepare for the inevitable and adjust before you are forced to. Exercise your Business Resilience plans.
Project multiple scenario's at your own organization. Ransomware, fire, Ddos attacks, etc. are some of the examples the S23k Specalists assist you in finding means and procedures to cope with specific situations. In closed doors session we take one situation at a time and guide you towards solutions. When a solution is found we train…and train…analyse...improve...and train...train...
Most Backups are not available for restore. When was the last time you tested a restore on a new server? Are you making backups in the Cloud? What is the oldest? The Stuxnet virus was dormant for 2 months before it became active. How much time do you need to make a full restore? Can your organization go without it for so long?
Is there a roadmap with which applications are business-critical and must be restored first? Communication plans ready? Our focus is to work with you to review critical business operations and to assume that everything that could go wrong will also go wrong.

Business Resilience
- Implementation & Exercises

A Business Continuity plan is nothing without testing, over and over again. Everytime you'll learn something new. A back-up is worthless if you are not aware of the ability to restore data. A crisis never occurs in an isolated event. Managing a crisis will require a different style of leadership. We offer the opportunity to take out a subscription so that we can coach your Business Resilience Managers and you are also assured that when things really go wrong and you are at hand, our specialists (Team Purple) are available. An experienced Crisis Manager is hard to find. Qualified specialists are a different type of people. A Crisis Manager can be required right now…anywhere in the world.

Certificaat van Resilience Management

Business Resilient Manager
- Skills training

We don't educate, we train for skills. S23k offers 3 unique modules to "hope for the best and prepare for the worst":
- Business Resilience Management coach
- Business Resilience Management
- Crisis Management Master Class

S23k has developed a 2 day - Training & Exersises program which demonstrates someone has followed this course, but has also shown the ability to perform under pressure and act as a crisis manager.

1. Business Model DNA: longevity of operations
- Risk Universe: levels of risk, operational & strategic, internal & external
- Real cost of risks to the organisation, immediate and recurring
- Four Pillars of business resilience

2. Case studies of business resilience management
Reviews of good and poor business resilience (real cases)

3. Balancing Corporate Performance with Risk Management
- Corporate Culture impact on business resilience: good, bad and ugly
- Result versus Safety Issues Business Planning Framework
- Organisational Strength
- Human Competency is almost everything
- Attitude is key

4. Building for Robust Organizations
- Business Resilience Model
- Segments of Resilience
- Implementing Resilience Framework